Discover your authentic purpose.

Your life story is meant to help guide you to your purpose. Want to know why you’re here?


Hi, I'm Geoff

an author, speaker, coach, mentor and someone who is passionate about creating radical global change. My mission is authenticity. I want to help you, Find Your True You.


Connect to your authentic power.


Before you were born you were fully equipped with power beyond yourself. Feeling drained? Want to live a life of power?

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Live your authentic life.

Sometimes we get stuck because there is so much clutter in our minds and hearts.

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Goodness and grace is how I experience Geoffrey Gray. He always looks for the good in the situation and he's extremely graceful in the way that he presents his ideas, his opinions and his being-ness! He is truly a good man. With in the GOoD is God. I consider Geoffrey a God-filled man

- KC Miller

Before I went through the purge I felt a bit lost and overwhelmed. I felt alone. Going through this purge actually helped me feel like I'm not going through this by myself. It made me realize that I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength. I felt more confident and secure in what I'm called to do. I really know that I can accomplish what is set before me. I feel lighter as well. I'm encouraged because I know what God placed in me is not a mistake and everything will manifest. I can do this. I really know it's attainable. This allowed me to see things a bit more structured and in reality.  Just this chapter itself did so much for me, I'm excited to see what else is in store. Thanks Geoff!

- Erica Holmes